To file a claim, call: 800.277.1956

Customer Testimonial - "My phone is my life so when its dead, I feel the same way. Thankfully I was covered when my phone decided to take a swim with me while I was hiking. Prime Warranty Group replaced my phone FAST and got me back on the trail the very next day!" - Kara, Boston, MA
Customer Testimonial - "My son likes the apps on my iPhone as much as I do, except he's three, so when he handed it back to me with a cracked screen because he became an angry bird it really ruffled my feathers. But, because I expected this to eventually happen; I bought protection with my phone, so I was covered! I was back with my apps faster than you can say 'Fruit Ninja!'" -Meghan, Tewksbury MA
Customer Testimonial - "One late night is all it took for my phone to end up soaked! I don't know anything without my phone; its my link to the rest of the world! I was so grateful to have the Mobile Defense Plus contact card in my wallet, it was the only number I needed at that moment. A day later my mistake was corrected and I was reconnected to the world." - Greg, Troy NY
Customer Testimonial - "Better to have and not need, than need and not have is a motto I try to live by. So, when it comes to wireless phone protection I always get it, and I have had to use it. The first time it saved me almost $500 when my iPhone decided to try deep sea diving without an air tank. Luckily I had Prime Warranty Group's call center number in my wallet, and I borrowed my buddies phone right then and filed a claim. It was over and done with and I enjoyed the rest of the fishing trip knowing my new phone would be delivered to my door when I got home." - Jim, Portland ME
Customer Testimonial - "I was surprised to have such caring and devoted representatives with Prime Warranty Group. They followed up with my claim and when they shipped out a new phone to my daughter. It meant a lot to me, when I had insurance through another company I never felt like I mattered to the representatives. I am so glad to have mobile protection through Prime Warranty Group!" - Alison Swanko, Loudonville NY
Customer Testimonial - "The Mobile Defense Plus protection program is an outstanding value when considering the incredibly high price tags on these new smartphones and tablets. I am a "latest and greatest" kind of guy so all my equipment is top end; and I won't leave the phone store without confirmation that I am protected. Life happens, so be prepared." - Carlos, Manchester NH

Wireless Device Protection Plans

Our protection plans are based on the concept of complete device protection. Nowadays it seems like everyone has a smartphone in their pocket and a tablet computer in their bag, so the likelihood of an accidental incident has never been higher. Modern devices are more expensive and less durable than previous generations of phones, and more people than ever are using them. Unexpected events happen all the time, so let us be there to get you back on track. The inherent value of MobileDefense+™ becomes clear the very first time you call on us for help.

We have 3 tiers of protection available for the widest range of device coverage:

*Admin Fees do apply, see stores for details

*30 day waiting period observed for new activations

*Two claims allowed per policy period

*All replacement devices are brand-new

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